04 May 2011

So much for expert recomendation

Just vent on my frustration over our health industry. I'm actually in need of good ENT docs for my daughter. But not sure which doctor to see. As what any mother would feel...I'm a little worried on the diagnosis and recommended action.

My daugther had a little trip to OT late last year for her nose blockage and non stop flu .. The doc stuck a little camera inside her nose and concluded that there's a stone build up inside her nose and she needed an operation. While waiting for the Ops Date, the good docs gaves me some nose spray to use. Guess what when she went into the OT, the so called build up stone is gone. But docs said her air passage is smaller than normal and recomended another ops to fix it! Wousshhh...

I often heard stories and myth that our local docs and hospitals are just too engrossed with making $$ and overlook what's the simplest and really important to the paying patient ... Invasive surgery is always the main option!

Well too bad that I didn't really get good grades for my SPM to qualify me to be a doctor otherwise I can change the world ( yeah rite...)

Anyway I still need to make that appt to get 2nd opinion before anything is cut open and explored further...

P/s KL sure raining heavily as I'm stuck in NKVE jam for good 40min

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21 September 2010

Post ramadan review

My official raya time is almost over! And glad to announce that my effort is paying off!

20th Sept - 73kg

That's 4kg off after 2 months . Good job but it can be better now. I have 3 more months to go and need to speed up the effort.

I have to continue my first action plan and execute my 2nd action plan in my last post... These are my next plan:

Third action plan - Get help from professional. I'm seeking Doc's advise

Fourth action plan - Revisit my gym

Wish me luck!!

07 August 2010

Journey to the thin and slim teritory.. the begining

It have been years that i pen down " Losing Weight" as part of my yearly to do list.... but some how .. I'm only attracting the opposite... The weight never disappear but some who it manged to redistribute itself to several part of my body...

Meet my arms, oh that's my tummy ... ... you can't never miss my ass ... and there's my thigh....what have happen to my discipline and determination...Is it work to stressful that i ate and ate all the stress away? How do i do it correctly this time?

I'm finally admitting that i'm no longer in my 20's... My metabolic rate is really low now...Dr told me that after certain age our body are not longer producing the correct amount of enzyme to burn my stored fat ( hmmm..thats plenty in me) in to the much required energy..What's that really mean ... i don't really know.. but i need to change it .. for the sake of my health and most importantly fashion!

Lets review my weight chronology:
  • 2000 - 55kg - Just graduated and came back from UK
  • 2003 - 60 kg - Just got married
  • 2005 - 90 kg - 9month pregnant with Arissa
  • 2008 - 65kg - Uneventful year
  • 2010 - 77kg - The year i got the job
Darn... i'm officially obese now...and this post will be the witness to my effort to lose 17 kg by 31st Dec 2010.

First action plan - 'TO COUNT MY CALORIE MAX 1200 PER DAY"
Second action plan - To take stairs from office car park to lobby everyday..

Any advise is very much welcome...

18 August 2008

Life as a barbie doll!!!

Your are so pretty and your are very2 nice. U have the best body and all the dresses fit you like a gloves. U make little girls very happy and leaves the boys confused!

U gotto play all day and dance all night.... Someone will come your hair and prep ur dress.... Oh what a life....

But when u broke ur legs and lost ur arms.... Can u fix urself and grow a new arms... Can u say stop when it get too out of hand! Can you scream if u got thrown out .... Can u do anything else without clinging to other???

Hehehe I'm so glad I'm not a barbie doll!!!


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